Cause I was enchanted to meet you.

M u s i c   of  Mulan  (1998)

I fell in love with the same person as you. I’m sorry.

: symbolizes the great wickedness of rebellion and sin;
Tokyo Ghoul: UTA


— Oikawa has a sense and doesn’t lack effort but when you compare him to the mass of talent named Kageyama, that’s two years younger than him, Oikawa is an efficient player but not a genius. I can say with confidence that, at this moment in time, the one who is a better setteris Oikawa.

"What does cake really taste like? It’s so nasty, it makes me want to puke, so I can’t tell, but it’s something that humans enjoy eating, isn’t it? What was it like, living a peaceful life? One where you didn’t need to live in fear of CCG or other ghouls? ‘Everything’s been awful’? Please. Doesn’t that mean that since the moment I was born, everything’s been awful? Well?Tell me!

N A R U   K O T O I S H I 
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